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From Brian E Murphy from for Packers Magazine

The 2016 NFL Draft has come and gone, and now we will be going into  training camp next month, and then onto preseason games.

But make no mistake about it, there will be a couple of key guys from this draft class who help the Packers improve. If there aren't, then the Packers will no get any farther than they have for the past five seasons.

Yes, Jordy Nelson will return, and that's important. Very important. Last season, a case could be made that he was the Packers second most valuable player. Clay Matthews has a case as well, but let's not learn this the hard way as we did with Nelson. 
But rarely does a player off a torn ACL come back a year later and resemble themselves, at least in their first year back. 

Robert Brooks was never the same, nor was Javon Walker. And they weren't on the wrong side of 30 as Nelson is, unfortunately. 
Torn ACL's basically took away Jerel Worthy's quickness, making his career short and unsuccessful. 

But if Jordy does come back, and stays healthy, and is about 80% of what he was, and maybe improves, it will help. He needs to be able to hit a few long balls, which nobody else has aside from the Hail Mary plays. 

We know Jeff Janis is capable of running past people, but for some reason, Rodgers either doesn't like throwing to him, or he underthrows him when he gets beyond the defense. 

As PACKERS MAGAZINE celebrates the 1996 Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers, let's take a look back six seemingly LONG seasons, back to the Aaron Rodgers led 2010 Packers title team.

Twenty Years
As linebacker coach Kevin Greene said at the time, in February of 2011, to Clay Matthews: "It Is Time!".

To many Packers fans, especially the young ones (that mean 30ish and under, because those 30-year olds really have no real Packer memories other than with Brett Favre as quarterback), this sixth season since the Packers hoisted the Lombardi Trophy seems like a long time.

That's partly true because the Packers have been the best, most consistent team in that timespan, since the XLV win. The Patriots have an argument to make.

But the 2011 Packers were the best, almost went undefeated, but because of resting Rodgers in week 17, coupled with the bye the following week, they came out flat and played lethargic in the NFC divisional against the Giants. Some fluky, rare turnovers by Ryan Grant, John Kuhn, Greg Jennings, and a missed block at left tackle, as well as some shoddy defense allowing a Hail Mary right before halftime. Just a bad day.

The 2014 Packers were the best team in the NFL, better than the Seahawks and Patriots, who made it to that great Super Bowl.

Even last year's Packers came close to the NFC Championship game, despite missing the crucial Jordy Nelson all year.