WEEK 3: 1-1 Packers @ 1-1 Lions
​Sep 4  @Seattle LOST 36-16
Sep 14  N.Y. Jets WON 31-24

Sep 21  @Detroit 12:00 pm 
Sep 28  @Chicago 12:00 pm 

Oct 2  Minnesota 7:25 pm 
Oct 12  @Miami 12:00 pm 
Oct 19  Carolina 12:00 pm 
Oct 26  @New Orleans 7:30 pm 

Week 9 BYE  

Nov 9  Chicago 7:30 pm 
Nov 16  Philadelphia 12:00 pm 
Nov 23  @Minnesota 12:00 pm 
Nov 30  New England 3:25 pm 

Dec 8  Atlanta 7:30 pm 
Dec 14  @Buffalo 12:00 pm 
Dec 21  @Tampa Bay 12:00 pm 
Dec 28  Detroit 12:00 pm 

Jan 3/4  Wildcard Weekend TBA
Jan 10/11  NFC Divisional TBA
Jan 18  NFC Championship TBA
Feb 1  Super Bowl XLIX
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Detroit, MI - The last time the Packers visited the Lions, you may recall, was perhaps the ugliest Packers game I can recall since the horrible 1980's. And even then, I don't remember a more lopsided game than what we witnessed on Thanksgiving last year.

Playing with Matt Flynn at QB, the team was beaten as if they were a Division 2 college team playing Alabama or LSU.

Right now, it's a 14-game season for the NFC North, as all four teams are 1-1 through two games.
Each team has played one home game and one road game.
The Vikings and Bears each won on the road, and lost at home.
The Lions and Packers each won at home, and lost on the road.

The Bears recorded the most impressive win of the group, last week, at San Francisco. The Niners, of course, are the team that has owned Dom Capers and Mike McCarthy the past 2 1/2 years, going 4-0 against the Packers and eliminating them in 2012 and 2013 in the playoffs. Each game, Capers' defense did their best to make Colin Kaepernick look not only like a good QB, but they have made him look like an All-Pro, and future Hall of Fame QB.

Remember what Ron Jaworski said after the 2012 playoff blowout by the Niners. He said Kaepernick could go down as one of the "all-time greats".

He said that, primarily, based on what he did to Capers' defense.
After that one, the Packers and Capers' focused and designed their defense to stop Kaepernick.

They got their chance, twice, to see it play out as the Packers opened, and closed, with the Niners last year.

In the opener, Kaepernick had his best passing game of his life, torching Dom's defense for over 400 yards in the air.

Then in the playoff game in Green Bay, Colin again had a great day running the ball. It was his best day ever rushing the ball in the NFL, other then the previous year's playoff win over Capers' defense.

This past Monday, the much-maligned, terrible Bears defense found a way to force four, count em', 4, turnovers by Kaepernick, and the Bears came from behind and won at San Francisco. 

The Vikings appear to be done already thanks mostly due to the Adrian Peterson fiasco.

That leaves the Packers and Lions, and this game Sunday will go a long ways to showing who's what.

The Lions just got whipped in Carolina.
They opened the season at home spanking Eli Manning and the small Giants.

The Packers, of course, were a tale of two teams this past week against the Jets. They were horrible for the first quarter or so, and then the last two and a half quarters, they were fantastic. They did get some breaks, however.

The loser of this game will be in a bit of a hole early on the season. With as good as Arizona seems to be, along with Seattle and San Francisco, there probably won't be a wildcard team from this division, so only the winner will probably make the playoffs.

Games like this are extremely critical, obviously, in sorting all of that out.
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