Sorry, not sorry: It's time to re-shuffle Packer Season Ticket-holders

Did you notice all the purple in the bleachers on Sunday?
I've been on the season-ticket waiting list since the 1990's and am still in the 30,000's on the wait-list.

How did all those Viking fans, who appear to be in their 30's or 20's mostly, get on the list before I did? That's right. They didn't. 

They obtained them from a spoiled Packers season-ticket holder who owns the tickets to resell and turn a profit.
It's time to take away those fans rights and move up the next guy/gal on the list.
We know by now that the majority of the 75,000+ season-ticket holders got them from older family. Hand-downs.
They aren't necessarily the best or the hungriest fans. Some are, true. Most aren't.

If I was team president Mark Murphy, I would do a few things to upgrade our fans.

#1, for next year, I would put in their contract as season ticket holders that these are not to be resold, and if anyone is caught selling them to the opposing team fans, those season tickets are revoked. Simple as that. Yes, fans could "bring" their Viking fan friends, that's fine. Not sell them to opposing fans though. Any tickets found on eBay, or StubHub, SeatGeek, etc. those owners are done. Tickets sold must go back to the Packers, and they resell them to those on the list. Our list. 
There are too many die-hard Packer fans who have been begging to get tickets for far too long. 

#2, for next year, I would take away two of the Green Package games from the spoiled fans who have had them for 40, 50 years. Of course, most of these folks aren't the original owners anyway. They're just lottery winners who had them handed down, given to them, by their older family members. They're no better fans than you guys are. Talk about "white privilege. That's a pun on words. comes some deservedly...... 

#3, for next year, I would take one of those two games that I took away, and make them go to the next 75,000 on the waiting list, after confirming those 75,000 as Packer fans and not as re-sellers. Same stipulations apply to them as #1 above. I would make this group of fans, and their 1-game-a-year called the White Package, after Reggie White.
I would make that game rotate each year, from home game 1 to 2, to 3 to 4, etc. Mix it up over 8 years so they get some early, some middle, some late cold games. Pure fairness. I would actually do it like this, for the new White Package, from year-1 to year-8: Game 1, 8,  2, 7, 3, 6, 4, 5, etc. rotate. They'd get the home opener once every eight years only, but they'd still be the most energetic and lively crowd. Also the youngest, probably. 

#4, for next year, I would take that other game I took away from the Green Package, and make it be an OPEN game available to anyone else on the season ticket waiting list, and first-come-first-serve. There's a way to do this and do it big. I would make this game be available to anyone on the list, and to anyone who is a Packer shareholder and not already part of any of the Green or Gold Packages.

Ticketmaster would blow up at 10 a.m on that particular day. Or Murphy can make it a big shindig during the Shareholder meeting in the summertime, with those who attend getting first rights. Also a special website and phone line only for those on the list, or shareholders. I would expect those 75,000 to go faster than the first 10 minutes of a Coldplay concert.  


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